Traditional Crypto Index vs. DexFund

Traditional Crypto IndexDexFund

Lack of control: Investors in traditional index funds have less control over their investments than those who own individual coins, as the fundโ€™s managers make the decisions about what coins to hold.

We give control: Investors control their allocations and can edit, add or remove assets to an index by copying it and creating their custom decentralised fund (DexFund).

Higher fees: Index funds often come with higher fees than buying individual coins, as there are costs associated with managing the fund.

Low fees: DexFund is built on Polygon - which reduces the transaction fees. Also, our liquidity pool aggregator offers the cheapest price available at any point in time.

Barrier to access: Countries without cryptocurrency exchanges, do not permit access to crypto index funds.

Easy to access: DexFund is decentralised and users can access the interface from anywhere in the world. Users can also make purchases directly from their telegram accounts via our DexFund bot.

Lack of knowledge: Novice investors who lack the knowledge and expertise to pick individual coins may miss out on opportunities to invest in promising projects that are not included in the fund.

Fully editable: Users have full control over the index. DexFund offers an index template and users can edit allocations, and add or remove tokens to a custom DexFund without affecting the original index.

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