Defining The Index

DexFund is a non-custodial and decentralised market-capitalization-weighted indexes of leading cryptocurrencies and tokens. The size of the index varies based on different factors.

Asset Weighting in DexFund = Asset market cap / Total of all market caps

As defined in our Disclaimer, DexFund doesn't hold or issue tokens. End users have custody of their holdings and have full flexibility and control to edit their allocations, as well as the ability to add or remove assets to their position by copying the index and creating their custom decentralised fund (DexFund).

Defining crypto indexes

The allocation for each index will vary depending on the market cap of each asset. While the top market cap tokens will remain consistent, the tokens or coins of lower capitalization might change over time. Each change will be notified to users but their allocations will remain the same until they update their investments from their wallets.

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